Founder of Pharmacy

Founder of Nimbark Ayurved


◉ Doctors grand father vaidhya chhaganbhai jethabhai oza has established shri nimabark ayurvedic pharmacy in 1978 at mehsana district ,Gujarat.

◉ He met Guru Bhimacharyaji Maharaj who was Expert in Ayurveda and was follower of Nimbark Sampradaya.

◉ He worked hard in Guru Bhimacharyaji Maharaj’s Ashram which was located in bank of Saraswati river in Siddhpur.Guru Bhimacharyaji Maharaj impressed from Chhaganbhai’s hard work and honesty towards his ashram, he started to give knowledge of Sanskrit and Ayurveda .

◉ Many sisyas (students) was thre in Guru Bhimacharyaji Maharaj’s Aahram but chhaganbhai was very hardworking, he stood up at 3 O ’clock in the morning and took bath in Saraswati river, he brings water for ashram and wooden sticks for Havan.

◉ This work impressed Guru Bhimacharyaji Maharaj. From this gurubhakti Guru Bhimacharyaji Maharaj tooks personal interest and start giving extra knowledge of ayurveda and Sanskrit.

◉ He serves complete knowledge of ayurveda and various shastras.

◉ Chhaganbhai learned charak samhita, sushrut samhita, vaghbhaat sanhita, ras shastra and Sanskrit in Guru Bhimacharyaji Maharaj’s shram. Chhaganbhai got diksha from gurubhimacharyaji maharaj.